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Fine Italian Cuisine
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          11am - 3am

NSF Certified

I am,

The earth, mountains, seas, sky and all the beauties from the nature around you, the air we breathe, the blood of those who fell and in the fulfillment of a duty or in the attainment of an ideal, so you can live free, the sod which covers your dead. Faith, love, the vibrant enthusiasm of your ancestors, fatigue, breathlessness, the joy of those who study and those who produce the mind and arm pain, sweat and the yearning emigrants, your family, your home and your loved ones with more hope, the lives of your children.                        

                                             I AM YOUR FLAG, ITALY,
                                                  YOUR COUNTRY

Remember me, honor me, respect me and defend me, remember that above all ideology I'll always have one symbol of concord and brotherhood amoung Italians.

Remember that "free" will appear in your streets until you are free, let me fly to your windows, show everyone that you are.............ITALIAN